Business-Class Web-Hosting

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Our company-owned, Enterprise-Class servers are highly scalable and secure. They’re configured to run each critical Web Hosting Service on individual server platforms in our server farms, server clusters or in our private cloud. This advanced server platform along with our fast networks and routing enable us to do accelerated hosting of Websites, Web Applications, Databases, Streaming Videos, large-scale Facebook Apps, etc. We can also further accelerate into specific countries with edge server delivery nodes located in key Data Centers in over 24 major metro areas worldwide.

To deliver our Enterprise-Class Web Hosting and Application Hosting services, we have brought a wealth of Technical and Business Intellectual Capital to the table

Our technical intellectual capital is based on our solid core competencies in the technologies, disciplines and standards that support the online delivery of mission critical applications. This includes: Unix and Windows server operating systems; SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL databases; webserver hardware; wide and local area networks; system, server, security and database administration; system architecture; and, software development.

Our business intellectual capital is based on our solid core competencies in management and the management consulting model whereby the customer and solution are the central focus. 4thWeb Media’s Co-Founders have a significant background in running management consulting practices and projects and providing mission-critical technology management consulting services to many Fortune 500 companies in the technology, financial services, entertainment, retail, healthcare and other business sectors.

Our intellectual capital, combined with our technology, insures the successful ongoing delivery of our Enterprise-Class Web-Hosting and Application Hosting services

From a pure technology perspective, we have architected an Enterprise-Class Web Hosting and Application Hosting service that is fast, reliable, robust and secure. This Web Hosting service features multiple layers of redundancy with fault-tolerance and auto-rollover at all levels. We use fast low-load servers that are routed through Cisco and Juniper wire-speed switching technology to the major Broadband Peering Fabrics (with zero-hop connectivity) in the Los Angeles and New York City metropolitan areas using 10 Gigabit Ethernet circuits across metro dark-fiber ringed networks. These Peering Fabrics have all the major metropolitan Broadband ISPs connected to them; in most cases with zero hops. Also, national and international connectivity and routes are handled with many diverse, high capacity paths in and out of the network via fully redundant and BGP4 optimized Tier 1 long and short-haul fiber networks.

And we can move services into and out of our private cloud as needed. As a result, our clients rest assured that their content is always delivered wherever, despite any single point of failure in the network; and whenever there is an increase in traffic demand, we can scale up or down specific services on the fly, as needed. We have two shared Web Hosting server farm clusters (five servers in each cluster) and many individual and clustered dedicated boxes – both managed and unmanaged.

Our primary Data Center, server farm and server clusters are located in downtown Los Angeles with additional edge server delivery nodes located in key Data Centers in over 24 cities worldwide

All Data Centers feature: carrier-neutral buildings; 24×7 onsite staff and 24×7 monitoring; 24 hour access with lobby security and separate NOC security; card key access; CCTV surveillance; dedicated raised floor rated at 130 lbs./ sq. ft.; American Power Conversion (APC) and custom equipment used for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems; standby diesel generators for backup power; early warning systems for smoke and fire detection; dry pipe sprinkler system; and, A/C units maintaining a climate of 72 degrees (+/- 5) and 30-60% humidity, N+1 redundancy.

We’ve had less than 3 hours of unscheduled downtime per year since 2005. We have built a highly reliable and highly secure Web Hosting infrastructure and have implemented procedures to provide one of the best uptime stats on the planet.