About Us

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4thWeb Media helps ignite and monetize clients’ online brands through multidimensional interactions that motivate targeted markets to discover and learn about a brands value proposition.

Quality (Intensity x Proximity) x Quantity (Exposure x Reach) = Brand Influence. The new Brand Influence metric helps us understand the impact of New Media marketing channels: digital, social media, word-of-mouth, mobile, and countless variations on each of these. Brand Influence helps our clients make better decisions around New Media ROI.

There are Infinite shades of Social. And One shade does not fit all. Let us help you find your Social niche. Well over a Billion people use Social Networks. Opening shop at one of them sounds easy enough. But Social requires a whole lot more: a serious plan; a lot of consistent work; creative and engaging social marketing campaigns; rethinking how to interact with, and sell to, new ‘Social’ consumers; and, actually much more. The online stakes have risen exponentially to attract new Customers and retain current ones. Well thought-out and executed Online Presence Management can mean the difference between enterprise success or failure. Companies need to plan, build, leverage and measure their collective Online Presence (brands, content, venues, relationships, etc.) to advance their exposure and reputation across all online channels. Successful Viral campaigns deliver targeted and guaranteed views, and high Engagement rates. ‘Going Viral’ requires: a highly-scalable Viral Seeding Network that delivers the message and the content to Influential (mostly Power) Users on social news and bookmarking sites, social media sites, and blogs; and, smart marketing and follow-up to influence the Influencers and get the conversation going in the right direction.