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We deeply value design, creativity, storytelling, tech and marketing. They’re equal partners in our mission to help clients project a unique voice, and build authentic and engaged relationships with optimal audiences at scale (1.6 billion+ client content views). Psst … at night, we incubate new and innovative marketing and tech ideas that disrupt the norm.

State of the Digital Ecosystem.
Our forward-thinking strategies are only as good as our understanding of how the digital ecosystem is likely to evolve. Let’s take a look at where we’re at today.

  • ❯  The ecosystem has experienced rapid, massive growth.

  • ❯  The ecosystem has become a vast pool of content and advertising.

  • ❯  The ecosystem’s direction is influenced by the Technology, Media and Entertainment industry nexus (currently led by Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft).

In the abstract, rapid, massive growth is not necessarily a bad thing. Relative to the digital ecosystem, it’s created many challenges but also many opportunities. Some of that is structural and includes privacy rights, intellectual property rights and market regulation. And some is opportunity-based and includes educational, social and economic value. However, when you combine all three trends and turn up the volume and time-travel dials, it starts to get interesting.

Here’s a likely scenario going forward; most of which has already started. While supply-side stakeholders (pitchers) are growing in numbers and increasingly compete with each other for diminishing market share slivers of the demand-side stakeholders (catchers) pie, catchers are increasingly growing in value due to their influential reach among their online friends and peer groups and are therefore becoming more desirable pitcher targets. Also, there is often times a lot of buzz and forced media attention (blasts and continuous coverage) attached to both new pitchers and ecosystem marketing and technology shifts (almost daily). All of this makes it increasingly difficult for catchers to decipher which pitchers are a good-fit. So what do we do assuming all of the above is likely to increase going forward? We need to produce higher-quality, higher-relevancy (and less quantity of) content, and more-precisely target catchers that are most likely to be interested in it. Sounds easy right? Well, many of us are already doing some of that but we need to do a lot more now, and much more going forward.

4thWeb Innovations.
Yes, we like shaking things up. And our clients like that about us. Our nighttime pursuits have incubated X Hyper Targeted Marketing ™ and SmartVoice ™. These innovations help project a unique voice, and build authentic and engaged relationships with optimal audiences at scale (1.6 billion+ client content views). And, although X Hyper Targeted Marketing and Smart Voice utilize our software, they’re not commercial products. They’re continuously evolving programs (methodologies) that help us deliver meaningful and measurable value and results to our clients.

X Hyper Targeted Marketing ™ & SmartVoice ™
Most Hyper Targeted Marketing systems or approaches place self-serve technology directly in the hands of users with online help to guide the way. We think this mostly technology-driven model has limited value.

4thWeb’s X Hyper Targeted Marketing is a superset of Hyper Targeted Marketing, uses a real-time, human expertise-driven model, and is completely managed in-house. Our X Hyper Targeted Marketing program is deeply embedded in our overall conversion-centered vision that’s focused on helping our clients generate customer insight and build authentic, engaged relationships with optimal audiences at scale. It goes beyond many of today’s most advanced targeting methods to reach highly-targeted users that are not even on the radar of most other systems or approaches.

The X Hyper Targeted Marketing program utilizes: our deep expertise in Hyper Targeted Marketing; a well-tuned set of marketing rules and workflows; custom-designed open-source software; and deep data mining of the global social graph and other online and offline databases.

X Hyper Targeted Marketing enables us to analyze and identify users that match our clients’ interests (optimum catchers) and vice-versa with great precision. Matches are identified using nearly limitless criteria; and, then compiled into multiple (what we call) Affinity Groups that each use a unique set of criteria. Once compiled, X Hyper Targeted Marketing uses predictive analytics to compare and help predict which groups are most likely to yield best-case, real-world results. We then live test multiple best-case groups against a set of proposed campaign messages and ads (via key social networks, other social and non-social sites, and ad networks) that we design to yield maximum best-case results. All campaigns utilize our SmartVoice program to help project our clients’ unique voice. Finally, we pick the best of the best performers and launch managed campaigns that focus on messaging, ads and blogging exposure (social, non-social and viral).

Our X Hyper Targeted Marketing and SmartVoice programs have evolved over the last 6 years; generating millions of viewers and views (videos, pages, stories) for brands; over 1.6 billion client content views to date.

Scenario examples:

  • ❯  Video viral seeding campaign in the U.S., Canada, and 3 European countries. Compare hundreds of lifestyle and demo targeting choices, by country, to scale to 4MM+ views in a 7-week campaign.

  • ❯  Political campaign in the State of California. Compare thousands of lifestyle, demo, and party affiliation targeting choices, by county, to influence last-minute deciding votes in a 3-week campaign.

  • ❯  Luxury brand holiday products sales campaign in major department store chain locations in New England. Compare hundreds of competitive products, lifestyle and demo targeting choices, by store geo-location radius, to sell $2.7MM in products in a 4-week campaign.

Best Practices.
We retain key strategic talent with deep knowledge and expertise in most areas of the digital ecosystem (1-stop client accountability). We're very proud of our Best Practices standards and consistently show superior work results as evidenced by our references and recommendations (available upon request).

Our practice areas include: digital media; digital strategy; (viral) video and content seeding; social media; content marketing; earned and paid media; hyper targeted marketing; responsive web, mobile, UI, App and social design and development; integrated SEO (SEO, SocialSEO, MobileSEO); video; analytics; and, hosting web and mobile sites and apps on our company-owned, business-class servers and clouds. Our approach of marrying 1-stop client accountability, deep expertise in marketing and tech across the entire digital ecosystem, and our innovative X Hyper Targeted Marketing and SmartVoice programs, makes a compelling case for aligning to a digital agency like 4thWeb.

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