4thWeb builds things. Here are some of them (Web/Mobile Sites, Software, Marketing Plans, Business Models, Viral Engines) that 4thWeb or our Co-Founders built. [1] One of the first Streaming Media entertainment delivery and distribution portals. Scaled to over 23 million streams and profiled extensively on MTV. [2] One of the first major Travel and Reservation Systems. Acquired by a Top 5 Travel Network. [3] Marketing Plan for a Technology Spinoff of a Top 10 Global TV Network. Currently a leading Software Security and Media Technology company. [4] Co-founded a large Consortium of major Media Studios, Content Producers and Broadband Delivery organizations that helped pioneer online Content Delivery Business Models. [5] Viral Seeding network and Marketing Methodology that helps generate millions of views (videos, pages, stories) for many brands.

We typically engage with clients on projects that involve strategy, design, branding, building, monetizing, and viral seeding of web, mobile and video assets across many digital channels and networks; and, that are focused on customer acquisition, increasing sales and brand lift. From small-to-mega projects, hear some of our success stories in Media, Design and Strategy > Contact 4thWeb to Learn More.