Social Media Video – Socialnomics 2015 – Future Insights in 2 Minutes

Social Media video - Socialnomics 2015 - future insights

In this new Social Media Video, “Socialnomics 2015”, Erik Qualman shows us the way forward. Eric Qualman wrote the book on the how’s and why’s of Social Media. And the influence Social Media has had on our personal and business lives. This new Social Media video is spot on. It’s insightful. It’s a must see. […]

Bob Iger (Disney) Comments on the unbundling of Cable TV content (short video)

In this short video, Bob Iger, Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, comments on the future of Digital Media and the unbundling of Cable TV content. Bob Iger has something to say about how Disney is looking ahead at this inevitable future. Disney owns some (most?) of the most valuable entertainment content assets […]