Social Video Marketing – What Really Drives Sharing? [Video]

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2 Emmy-nominated experts discuss how Social Video Marketing is driven by the same rules that influenced mass sharing for centuries. Fascinating.

This video was published in late 2012. Have you seen it? It features Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz speaking at a TED conference. Fritz and Stephen are viral video and social video marketing experts. They’re also principals at Eepybird Studios. EepyBird has received four Webby Awards and two Emmy nominations. And was also voted “Game Changer of the Decade” on Fritz and Stephen have compiled a list of common elements that are inherent in every social video. It’s the very essence of what really drives the sharing of a social video. According to Fritz and Stephen, there are four main areas that contribute. And they discuss these in this 19 minute video. Almost every successful social video and social video marketing campaign follows these four fascinating rules.

More on Fritz, Stephen and EepyBird. Fritz and Stephen’s first online social video featured the explosive combination of Coke and Mentos. Advertising Age called their early viral social video work the most important commercial content of the year. They did social video marketing campaigns for ABC Family, OfficeMax, and more. They’ve also received two Emmy nominations and four Webby Awards. They have appeared several times on The Late Show with David Letterman. And also on The Today Show, Ellen, Mythbusters, and more. Fritz and Stephen created and refined their proprietary social video marketing analytic approach over many years. And they continue to refine every day. Stephen has a law degree from NYU and practiced as a trial lawyer for over 20 years in Boston. Fritz studied math at Yale until he dropped out to become an award-winning circus performer.

Social Video Marketing - What Really Drives Sharing?

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