Internet Marketing as Elder Wand: The Internet is the most powerful marketing tool ever created – that is, if a Marketing Wizard can wield it


Ah, the magic wand of Internet marketing. In the world of Harry Potter, the Elder Wand was supposed to be the most powerful wand ever created. In the hands of someone like Dumbledore, the Elder Wand was a powerful force for good. In the hands of evil Lord Voldemort, it would be a weapon of […]

Marketing in the Future is like Sex: Only the losers will have to pay for it [Web Marketing]


To traditional advertising agencies, staring into the face of the world of Internet marketing must be like looking into Godzilla’s gaping maw. Already, Godzilla has gobbled up newspaper advertising: PricewaterhouseCoopers reported in June 2010 that the Internet passed newspapers by as the second-largest advertising medium in the US. With Newspaper’s bloody guts strewn across the […]

Why Old-School Ad Agencies are like Dinosaurs


It is widely suspected by scientists that the age of the dinosaurs came to an abrupt end when a comet, shards of a comet, or similar space debris struck Earth at the end of the Cretaceous Period. It wasn’t the impact itself that killed the dinosaurs, but the blotting out of the sun. Dinosaurs, like […]

C-Level Executives Watch Online Video Too


Executives don’t have time to watch online videos. They’re too busy shouting things like, “Buy! No, no – sell, SELL!” They have golf games to attend to. Conference rooms to design. Coffee to ask their secretaries for. Meetings to call – lots and lots and lots of meetings. If this is what you think C-level […]

Study Indicates Social Media Pays

Men on the earth.

New Study Indicates Social Media Pays; Wetpaint and Altimeter Group Find Correlation Between Brands’ Social Media Efforts and Financial Performance A new study from Wetpaint and the Altimeter Group confirms that deep engagement with consumers through social media channels correlates to better financial performance. The ENGAGEMENTdb study showed significant positive financial results for the companies […]