HBO is launching a stand-alone streaming media service in 2015

4thWEB curated content from The Washington PostBy Cecilia Kang (see full article) HBO is set to launch a stand-alone online streaming media service in 2015 that will not require a cable or satellite subscription. (Reuters) HBO will launch a streaming media service in 2015 that doesn’t require consumers to have a cable or satellite subscription, […]

The Social Media Revolution Will Not Be Televised But it Will be on Your SmartPhone


Social media, social media, social media: it seems like social media is all anyone ever talks about anymore when it comes to online marketing, or even marketing in general. These days, it’s practically more common to hear spokespeople say, “Visit us on Facebook at ____” than it is to hear them say “Visit us online […]

Web Marketing Video Trends for 2011


Of all the changes in the ever-shifting landscape of web marketing, perhaps one of the most influential has been the increasing ease of viewing video content. From local news stations to moms with a camcorder, video content is now ubiquitous on the web. Take these recent statistics: • 62% of B2B marketers user video content […]