Social Media Video – Socialnomics 2015 – Future Insights in 2 Minutes

Social Media video - Socialnomics 2015 - future insights

In this new Social Media Video, “Socialnomics 2015”, Erik Qualman shows us the way forward. Eric Qualman wrote the book on the how’s and why’s of Social Media. And the influence Social Media has had on our personal and business lives. This new Social Media video is spot on. It’s insightful. It’s a must see. […]

In Social Media Marketing, Content in the Right Context is King

Content in the Right Context is King!

We’ve written about this topic several times before and decided to revisit it again as Social Media Marketing strategies are constantly getting refined and reiterated; and context is continuously vying for parity with content. The above 18 minute video, Brian Solis’ June 2012 interview with Deanna Brown, CEO of Federated Media Publishing, is worth watching. […]

The Future of Social TV and Television


Social TV Activity Today The number of television and Social TV viewers using ubiquitous second screens (laptops, smartphones and tabs) to interact with television is at an all time high. HBO Connect is perhaps the most innovative second screen application to date. Sales of Smart TV sets (Social TV sets really), outfitted with easily accesed […]