Our world has gotten less and less good at listening

4thWEB curated content from Innovation By DesignBy Mark Wilson (see full article) That’s Fred Dust, a partner at Ideo, talking, and he’s walking us through a new idea that the influential design consultancy has been developing called Creative Listening. Among 30 attendees from our Innovation by Design Conference, I sit inside an expansive stretch of […]

Nom! Designers Make Snacks Their Muse

4thWEB curated content from Snacks QuarterlyBy Carey Dunne (see full article) In Snacks Quarterly, writers and designers turn snacktime into an unlikely creative exercise. Brian Rea Snacks are a mighty and undersung unifier: most people, regardless of creed, class, or dietary restriction, can agree that little morsels of food between meals are great. Snacks Quarterly, […]